Patients admitted to the Community Hospital of Bremen have the assurance of quality healthcare, which has been our tradition since 1948. The Inpatient Unit is committed to working in partnership with you and your physician to get you well and improve your health status. Through the knowledge, skills, and experience of our physicians and health care team, we provide high-quality health care for you and your family that’s close to your home. Services include cardiac monitoring, respiratory care, specific pharmaceutical IV therapies, blood transfusions, post-operative care for both general and orthopedic surgeries, and a wide range of other medical conditions. An interdisciplinary team, (physical therapy, occupational therapy, discharge planning, diagnostic imaging, etc) will be working together to provide you with the best care possible and prepare you for discharge.

Your Room
The Medical /Surgical unit consists of 19 private patient rooms, each with its own private bathroom. Each room has its own thermostat that can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Our average nurse to patient ratio is one nurse to four patients.

As part of our dedication to our patients’ safety we have implemented the use of Bedside Medication Verification (BMV). The BMV system allows the nursing staff to use barcode scanning on the patient’s ID band and medications ensuring that the right medication(s) along with dose are being administered to the right patient. It further alerts nursing staff of any high risk medications or potential administration errors prior to medication administration.

Cell Phones
Cell phones and other electronic maybe used during your hospitalization. We do ask that you keep these devices to an acceptable noise level.

Hand Washing
Each room is equipped with a sink and foam dispensers for you, your family and friends, and your healthcare team. Please ask everyone to wash their hands when they enter and when they leave your room.

Hotel Style Dining
Patients now have the option of ordering their food at their convenience anytime from 7:15 am to 6:30 pm.

Your room will be cleaned on a daily basis. Please contact your nurse if you have any concerns.

Internet Access
Free wireless access to the Internet is available throughout the hospital.

Items from Home
We ask that you bring an updated medication list with you. Please have your family or friends take your medications home. Each room has an armoire to keep your personal belongings in, such as clothing, shoes, etc. If you need personal care items such as deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste please ask your nurse. All valuables should be sent home with family or friends.

Community Hospital of Bremen is a tobacco-free facility. This includes all patient rooms. Patients may not leave the unit to smoke. We do offer free resources to help you quit.

The main telephone number at Community Hospital of Bremen is 574-546-2211. You can make local calls at no charge by dialing 9, and then the local number.

Open Visiting Hours: 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. One person is welcome to spend the night in the patient's room, unless the patient's condition warrants additional family time. The patient's condition may require isolation and in those cases visitation may be limited. We encourage the family members of pediatric patients to stay with the infant/child at all times if possible. Each room is provided with a couch that transforms into a bed for your comfort.